Upgrading Your Wardrobe

Photography by Joe Galvin

Lately I’ve been thinking a little bit about my wardrobe, what I buy, how I buy it and at what rate. I consume clothing faster than most people I know and it’s not something I’m proud of. I’m approaching the little old age of 25 this year and I’ve realised that I’m starting to grow out of purchasing pieces that start to fall apart after a few wears and won’t last the test of time. I think more and more about fast fashion and the way we consume fashion, and now consider the quality and life span of the pieces I buy before purchasing. It’s baby steps, but I no longer want to be clearing out my wardrobe every few months due to impulse purchases and poorly made pieces. In my mind I want to aim for a wardrobe that consists of more timeless, well made pieces as a whole, with a few trend items here and there.

I’ve started paying more and more attention to what I do wear in my wardrobe (aside from the obvious converse and black skinny jeans), what suits me and which pieces I just can’t let go of, and have slowly started to upgrade them. Don’t get me wrong, I will always love the likes of ASOS, Topshop and Zara, especially for more affordable pieces and trying out new styles and trends but for the pieces that are worn daily, I’ve been wanting for something that will stand the test of time a little better.


One of my most recent upgrades came in the form of this Reiss Blazer. I owned a simple H&M blazer back in 2011 – before I even started writing on here! It’s featured in so many posts but actually began falling apart in 2012 – I was constantly sewing the lining back together and eventually bought a new one last year from Forever 21 which is now doing the same. I wear them at least every other day, all year round, so it’s not really surprising. So I decided to opt for something that felt more sturdy and luxurious this time round. I’d been eyeing up this blazer since September as it was the perfect mix of my favourite Zara pea coat and F21 blazer, but chickened out of purchasing. Almost six months later I was still lusting over it and decided it was time to invest. It’s been a total love at first wear scenario and the quality and structure really is incredible. It fits like a glove and I love knowing just how much wear I’ll be getting out of this one.


In addition to the blazer of dreams I also upgraded my good old Topshop pointed boots that I’ve worn a bit too much since purchasing in January 2015. I’m now the proud owner of the Acne Jensen Boots (which I’m pretty sure toppers were most certainly inspired by) and I cannot believe just how comfortable they are, whilst having such sturdy leather. These will be coming up in a post later this month if you’re after seeing them on my tootsies!

And then we have what I feel may be the elephant in the room right now… I made an early investment in something I’d been after for a very long time now. I was in Paris last week and came across the small Chanel Boy Bag that I’d been planning on purchasing later in the year, but when I came across my ideal hardware (light gold – which according to my well placed sources is very hard to come by) I took the plunge. I don’t have many vices in life, I rarely drink and I don’t smoke but bags (and fashion in general) have always been my thing. I talk about investing in designer bags a little more in this post but I felt like my wardrobe was missing a good evening bag – something that could instantly elevate an outfit and seeing as I currently own a grand total of one evening bags, I went for it!

For me, pieces like these can so easily take the simple black cami top and boyfriend jeans from looking totally casual to super luxe, and I love that quickly and easy style transition. The final touch to this outfit though was definitely the shoes. I feel like heels are an easy way to elevate an outfit if you’re happy to wear them and I totally am. These are actually from ASOS and I’m obsessed with them. I wear them so much that I can see them easily being the next wardrobe upgrade once they’ve had their day.


So there you have it, the story of some of my newest and most worn pieces! What are your favourite pieces to invest in?