Unglamorous Products In My Everyday Routine

Just the other day I fell down the rabbit hole that is the Instagram discover page and as of course look at beauty related content on a regular basis it was showing me lots of aesthetically pleasing images of people's bathroom cabinets. 

Somehow I got a string of similar images and due to this, it dawned on me that pretty much everything is glossed and edited in this online world. I already knew this to I'm not sure to this leve! I mean for one where was the mouthwash and the discarded razor blades? And don't even get me started on the lack of clutter! 

It's simply not real life and although that's fine to a point I kind of sometimes wish bloggers or influencers if we have to call them that would at least acknowledge that real life exists and mention the product they use for mouth ulcers and share the everyday unglamorous and mundane stuff, you know? 

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