Top Home Wear Picks This Week

As if we didn’t already know, by the fact I’m constantly showing new home purchases in videos, or the fact I made a whole instagram account (@hellooctoberathome) for the subject, I’m obsessed with home interiors. I always have been, but until recently I didn’t have the space to really go the whole hog with furnishings, accessories and a good lick of paint (oh yeah, you wait for the paint part).  Now that there’s nothing holding me back, I physically have to hold myself back or I could literally go absolutely nuts and spend a fortune on things that just aren’t practical.
With that in mind, I’ve not been one for too many scattered trinkets when shopping for home pieces this time around. After our last place I was so stick of open shelving and cluttered displays that I really wanted everything to be streamlined and clean this time around. The decorative pieces I’ve been searching for serve more of a purpose and, whilst I’m almost at a good place where we have everything we need, there are are still a few more bits and bobs I’m drooling over – et voila – todays post idea was born. These are my Top Home Wear Picks This Week!

So let’s get started with all things pink and fuzzy, this stool from West Elm is something I’ve been all heart eyed over for so long. It looks super cute and adds a nice bit of texture to a room and for a shorty like myself, makes sitting on most chairs a little more comfortable! The matching cushion is also super dreamy, though lots of you may have seen last week I managed to find some really similar cushions in Homesense and was over the moon at the saving in price! Oliver Bonas also have some similar more affordable alternatives in stock right now too! Speaking of West Elm though, I might have purchased this tasseled little number this week and am so excited for it’s arrival. it’s another piece that adds a little texture to a bedspread or couch.  I’m also super in to their little gold planters too, not to mention this marble door stop, and the beautiful gold round mirror that might be sitting next to me in my office as I type this…

As we have such a large living space to fill (a novelty that I’m not sure will ever wear off after our last tiny living room), the search for armchairs and seating feels never ending. We always want our furniture to be comfortable, but also look amazing too and to potentially be versatile enough to move around the house depending on our needs. So I’ve has my eye on this little “space chair” (my name for it – doesn’t it just look like the future?!) from Oliver Bonas as well as this footstool and I’m currently deliberating between the two. Then we have these gorgeous blue velvet dinging chairs from Made – another purchase I’m currently sitting on as we’re forever back tracking on our dining table situation – do we want a bench set up or a new table or just new chairs? We just don’t know.

And then there are the last few decorative accessories I’m uhmming over, these West Elm coasters are beyond beautiful and will make the perfect addition to my crystal/precious stone coaster collection (I have quite the collection, I know, but you’d be surprised how many visitors + drinks we constantly have around. I’m really in to blue right now and these have really caught my eye. Then we have what might be my final planter purchase of the year these concrete/stone beauties would look perfect on the corner of our marble fireplace (still can’t get over the fact we ended up with a marble fireplace either) with a cute little banana plant inside. YASSS.


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