This £6 Face Mask is a Total Dupe for Glamglow Youthmud (saving £33)

For the past 6 months, I've been working my way through a stash of sizable Glamglow minis. I thought I'd have a favourite but sadly (I saw sadly due to the price) I love them all! From the one that makes you look like a silver alien to the tropically scented hydration mask and the one that tingles but gives amazing glowing results – basically, they all deliver impressive results!

But just as I was trying to decide which face mask to purchase full-size, they are all £39.00/50ml after all, a £6 dupe came along for Glamglow Youthmud; a mask I've been loving the effects of especially on dull rubbish skin days.

After reading endless news articles about the new dupe mask, though I'm aware they all copy each other, I knew I had to try it out for myself… so here is exactly what I think of the star of the moment £6 Glamglow Youthmud dupe!

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