THE SUNDAY POST: Behind The Scenes This Week #1


 Happy Sunday! If you’re an old reader round these parts you may remember a little series called “The Sunday Post“. Back in the day (showing my blogging age here) this blog was super well known for a lifestyle based post on a sunday featuring a little bit of food, travel or personal babble. Over time I ran out of enough time and places in Brighton to visit each week (no joke, I’ve literally eaten everywhere and I now have my faves – will do an updated post on that at some point, but anyway…) so those posts became fewer and fewer over time. However I realised the other day, though I don’t have a tonne of pictures from my weekends to post on here each week, the one thing I have in abundance is left over photos from shoots! Especially where Instagram work is concerned, we often shoot four sets of photos when only one or two are needed, just to make sure we have “the shot”. Over the past week alone I’ve done enough shoots to cover a month of behind the scenes type posts. SO… here we are. Welcome to The Sunday Post: Behind The Scenes This Week #1


So this coming week on Tuesday the 14th November I’m going to be in the Brighton Personal Shopping department of Topshop with Alix from I Covet Thee. We’re hosting a meet up/Q&A/generally awesome evening and I’m so stoked. Like I honestly can’t tell you how excited I am. I organised a more informal one almost four years ago with my friend Carla who works in Personal Shopping, so to be doing it on a bigger scale four years later is a total dream. This isn’t a paid promotion for the evening or anything, but if you did want to come along, details and free tickets can be grabbed here. I’m also going to be doing a second meet up on Thursday 16th November with the lovely folks at Astrid & Miyu, another of my favourite brands, in London. I’m not 100% but there may still be tickets available here and if you’re coming to either of these evenings then THANK YOU and I’m so excited to meet you all! I’m going to be absolutely shattered come Friday but it’s going to be dreamy meeting so many of you all in one week!


As a result of the crazy week ahead, I spent the last week shooting for various projects – even one for CHRISTMAS – SAY WHUT?! I’ve also been putting together the plans for two Christmas shoots at the end of this month, and have been styling up outfits for various different videos and shoots AND I started planning my New Years Eve video (if you’re not familiar I do these every year just before New Year and they are my favourite videos of the year – if you haven’t seen last years it’s here and I LOVE IT.) so things are getting mega festive in my house already. There’s been a lot of Christmas mood boards in the works and I just can’t even attempt them without having Christmas music or films playing in the background. DID I MENTION I LURVE CHRISTMAS?!!?!?

Aside from listening to Christmas music, I currently have Taylor Swifts new album playing on repeat (I think I’ve slowly tipping Josh over the edge with it) and would highly recommend a listen to it because it’s so effing addictive I just can’t even… I’ve also got a couple of YouTube favourites from the past week or soooo… Starting off with the lovely Liv Purvis’s Living Room Tour, home tours are my YouTube crack and Liv has amazing taste in home decor so it’s probably no surprise to see this listed. Lily Pebs also made a return to YouTube this month after taking a little break and my response was of course YASSSSSSSS. My sub box was definitely lacking in L.P vlogs during October so I’m super happy to have a new vlog from her (a 20 minute one at that)!

So I think I’ll leave it there for this week! Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel tomorrow for a new video and you can follow me on instagram (@hellooctober) to keep up to date with my daily rambles until next week! Oh and if you haven’t already seen there’s a new beauty post on The Best Glossier Products Worth Purchasing and How to Plan A Bedroom Makeover which includes a bedroom tour video!

hello october.