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Sometimes I wish I was living in the USA and not in the UK.  Seems like most of the great beauty buys are always from USA.  Take for example ColourPop, a brand that became famous through Instagram, attracting many bloggers and bloggers to the brand.  The brand itself is booming and with prices starting at $ 5.00, you really want to buy everything!

When I went to America back in September 2015, I wish I known about ColourPop, as I definitely would of hauled and brought lots of items.  It was only till I went back home, that I heard of ColourPop.  But luckily, I have a friend that lives in New Jersey, who was more than happy enough let me borrow his card and shipping address, so I can purchase my first ColourPop haul!

Boy!  I did not hold back.  I brought five Lippie Stix, along with matching Lippie Pencils, Ultra Matte Lip and Lippie Primer.  With so many colours to choose from, I really struggled to choose.  When I brought these back in November time, I went through a phase of liking dark colour lipsticks so majority of the colours I chose were on the dark side.  I just hope I can pull of rockin’ a dark lip!



From L to R: Bichette, Creature, Lumière, Dalia and Ellarie Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencil

All Lippie Stix’s comes in nine different finishes, Pearlized, Matte, Crème, Matte X, Satin Luxe, Sheer, Satin, Glossy and Glitter Sheer.  
For all the Lippie Stix’s I purchased, I brought them in the Matte finish.  Not particularly reason apart from the colours I liked are all from the Matte finish.

Bichette is described as a deep red wine, is a shade that I think you can rock through summer to autumn.  The lippie pencil is also in the exact same match, and pairing both up will give a long lasting finish.

Creature is a deep blackened burgundy red, when I saw this shade on the website, I was like ‘wow’.  This shade is perfect to wear throughout autumn and winter.  However if you have the confidence, you definitely could wear this shade in the summer.

Lumiere, this dusty mauve pink shade is created by Kathleen Lights.  One the website, it came off as a light pink, which I was totally worried about as pink is not a shade of lip colour I like.  However after researching online, the colour came off as more of a darken (if that’s the correct choice of word) pink.  So I decided to bite the bullet and purchase this shade and hope for the best.  AND YES.  This biting the bullet, pulled off.  The shade is absolutely gorgeous.  Doesn’t come across as light pink at all, its definitely a colour anyone call pull off.

Dalia is a deep warm burgundy colour.  This shade is similar to Creature, but with Creature the shade has more black to it than Dalia, where as Dalia is still on the red side. 

Ellarie is described as a sultry cranberry shade.  Ellarie is a shade created by Ellarie herself.  The Lippie Pencil however is not the same as the Lippie Stix, the Lippie Pencil is blackened violet, where as the Stix is more red.  Which is strange, as most of the Lippie Stix and Pencil’s are identical shades.  However you can create an ombre lip with the use of both products.


Ultra Matte Lip in Silhouette


Lippie Stix Lippie Primer

The Ultra Matte Lip Lipsticks, are liquid lipsticks so the formula is different to the Lippie Stix formula.  I’ve never tried liquid lipsticks before, as I’ve always had an image in my head that these lipsticks do not dry and remain wet on my lips. Yes, I’m strange, I know!

I fell in love with Silhouette (sadly this shade is no longer available to purchase), after seeing the shade (at that time I didn’t know it was Silhouette) on the Chinese girl and I immediately sent a tweet asking ColourPop, what shade the girl was wearing, they tweeted back and the rest was history!

Silhouette is a bright, medium red.  It was easy to apply and one coat gave me enough intensity on the lips.  I would stress to make sure you exfoliate and prime your lips first, this is to ensure you’ll have the perfect base for this lip product!  

This last product, is one that we all need in our makeup stash.  The Lippie Primer helps to enhance the wear of any lip products and keeps your lips moisturised and smooth.  The primer contains tiny spherical beads that fill in fine lines, whilst ingredients such as mango, avocado and shea butter for moisture and Vitamin E to soothe the lips.  At $ 5.00 you really can’t go wrong!  If you’re worried wearing matte lipsticks will dry your lips, or wearing non matte lipsticks means you need to re-apply several times, this Lippie Primer will solve all your woes.

I’m so pleased with my ColourPop haul, the lip products are so good, so affordable and really good quality, I have the urge to more and more!  In fact, I did buy some more when they had a 20% off sale, but that haul is currently in New Jersey with my friend!

ColourPop recently announced they are doing international shipping (about time!), however it doesn’t come cheap at $ 15.00!  So my advice will be, to make sure you buy a few items at the go, rather than the odd 1 or 2!

Have you brought products from ColourPop before?  What are your thoughts on my ColourPop haul?


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