Back in February I flew to New York for the very first time, I was excited to experience so many different things, and on that list was of course, the Glossier show room. I came, I saw, I left with two things. TWO THINGS. Whilst my partner in crime Alix purchased the entire stock list, I left with minimal product for two reasons, one; cloud paint was days away from launching, and our trip was a little ill timed in that sense, but two; my makeup preferences were so different 10 months ago, and there are so many products I love now that just weren’t for me back then. It just wasn’t my time yet. Fast forward 10 months and I’m fresh out of summer and still living for bare-ish skin (with my usual loaded eyes, of course) and a dewy complexion. New products have launched and with my change in preferences it’s opened up a whole new glossy world. After spending the past two months testing all things Glossier, I feel like I’m up to speed on things. In those two months they’ve also launched in the UK and brought out three new products (heads up: Glossier YOU review incoming), so there couldn’t be a better time to take you through the stars of the Glossier showroom and show you what I think is worth purchasing…
So let’s start off with my top three, if I had to give the rest of my Glossier stash away, these would be the ones I kept. The Haloscope highlighter has to be top of that list, it comes in stick form, in three shades, all with a dewy centre which gives you a real “summer skin” look, glowy, not shimmery. Not drying, it doesn’t highlight any texture in your skin, it completely glosses over. Actually yes that’s the perfect work for it, you literally look glossy. It makes my skin look like it has a completely different texture, miles from the dehydrated mess it can often seem. I use the shade Moonstone, which I always thought would be icy and white and look off against my olive skin tone. But it seems to run clear, giving a gorgeous dewy glow with minimal colour pay off. It’s the highlighter I’ve been waiting for all my life.
Holy schmoley I just wrote a lot about a highlighter, maybe we should move on? The Glossier Skin Tint is one that I never thought I’d like, but whilst on my quest to get that angel-like Glossier girl skin, I popped this in to an order a few weeks back. I use the shade dark to give me a little more warmth to my skin (it’s sheer so you can get away with this) and I FREAKING LOVE IT. It really does give a gorgeous glow to the skin with minimal coverage. My skin has been much better over the past six months, so this has become my everyday base of choice. And though the product amount is small, the packaging is very travel friendly, and for once my everyday base actually fits in to my makeup bag!
Finally, Cloud Paint is a must have for anyone who loves a cream blush. I use the shade Dusk, but all the shades are so beautiful, and you can mix shades together too to create a colour that’s completely custom! The pigmentation is great and the consistency is gorgeous, and as with my other two favourites it seems to smooth over the skin, rather than drying down and highlighting texture. 
Now, two out of three of these are quite widely raved about, so keep on reading if you want the scoop on the must haves for your beauty bag…
My two favourites from the skincare category are the Super Pure & Super Bounce serums, they’re both light, non sticky, and leave your skin feeling lovely. Super Bounce aims to target hydration whilst Pure is ideal for blemish prone skin.  The Priming Moisturiser Rich is a lovely day cream which leaves your skin feeling hydrated and ready for makeup. This one tends to be a people pleaser with good reviews on both the oily and dry skinned sides, however with my very very dehydrated skin, it’s not one I would use daily but it’s still my favourite out of all the moisturisers. Finally, The Body Hero duo is a recent launch that I LOVE. The smell is soft and sweet with a blend of orange blossom and neroli and both leave my skin feeling so soft. At the moment I’m religiously using the Body Hero oil cleanser whilst in the shower, followed by the moisturiser every other wash. They’re gorgeous, and though not something everyone likes to splurge on, they’d make a great gift (*cough* trying not to say Christmas *cough*).
The other products that have made it in to my regular rotation are Boy Brow in the shade medium, a gorgeous little brow gel not too dissimilar from Benefits Gimmie Brow, but without the £23 price tag. And then we have Balm dotcom, the everyone product. There are so many scents to choose from that there really is something for everyone; scentless, cherry, birthday cake, mint, coconut, rose. All of which smell heavenly (well, except the scentless one. Obvs). I’m a cherry and birthday cake kind of girl personally. The recent launch I didn’t expect to like, Wowder, is actually a lovely lightweight powder that I use whenever I need a little bit of staying power under my peepers. It doesn’t make me look caky and doesn’t exaggerate my dehydration lines. I like.
That sweater… We all know the one, that Glossier sweater with it’s grey marl and worn in, slouchy feel. Everyone needs one of these in their life. I recommend sizing up for extra cosy-ness.


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