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How I Dealt with a Year of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a strange old subject. It fits in with the subject of beauty but not comfortably, and is often only talked about in relation to men and ageing. But the thing is hair loss is pretty common and can happen at any age and for any number of reasons  for either sex. It […]

Treat Yo Self in the New Year Sales!

I know I’m beyond late with this New Years sales post! But I’m going to be totally honest here and explain how I just wasn’t feeling my  pre-Christmas gift guides so I decided to switch it up a bit. You see back in December I enjoyed writing my book gift guide as it was more likely […]

2016: My Year in Review

Hello lovely Love Vitamins… happy 2017! Okay I know I’m a little late on the mark there (what with it being the 9th of January already), but hey… I’m still getting back in the groove after my holidays! I decided to start a little tradition: a yearly review post… a look into what went on […]