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Weekly Window Shop: Logos a Go-Go

I’ve become rather fond of a good slogan or logo on a t-shirt. It jazzes things up a bit, elevates the t-shirt from being a plain, utilitarian sort of thing to more of a considered outfit choice. Except that it isn’t, of course, because it takes just the same amount of effort to pull on […]

Weekly Window Shop: And So To Bed

We now have a bed in our bedroom, which is great news because the novelty factor of sleeping on the floor on a mattress had just about started to wear off. Sleeping on just a mattress has its benefits, namely that you can – quite literally – roll out of bed in the mornings and […]

Weekly Window Shop: Cosy Cable Knits

It’s back by popular demand – the Weekly Window Shop. All feedback duly noted, though the suggestion to make it monthly or bi-monthly does sort of mess with my alliteration! Monthly Window Shop doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. We return with a bit of a selfish one, because I am obsessed with all things cable knit […]

Weekly Window Shop: Five Under Five

Last week we had ten under ten, this week it’s five under five. Next week, who knows? Two under two? Ha! That’ll cut my workload down… Actually, it’s really quite unexpectedly hard to find good things online for less than a fiver, unless it’s all beauty stuff… So first of all, the book that many of you […]