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What’s in my Bag?

Some time ago I shared with you here on the blog my “Payday Wishlist“, and there was a certain bag I’d been lusting over, which I can happily say I now own. If you watched my Vlog of my visit to Chloé in London a couple of weeks back, you would have seen my excitement […]

What’s In My Makeup Bag? Autumn 2017

Are we still in Autumn? It feels decidedly wintery, but I’m hoping that I can still just about slot in a warm, russety-toned makeup video before everyone starts wrapping up in faux-fur stoles and sprinkling their faces with golden glitter. Here’s what I’ve been using over and over again, all the way through Autumn. The things that […]

What’s On My Dresser?

A SNEAK PEEK OF WHAT’S CURRENTLY LITTERING MY DRESSER… *Paid collaboration with Astrid & Miyu* One of the huge perks of upsizing when we moved was the chance at having a space to get ready in, a space to throw my extra clothes and shoes (oh my gosh I never realised how many shoes I […]

What’s the Deal with Maca and Acne?

Have you heard of maca? It’s this root veggie from the Andes that is said to be a superfood, packed full of vitamins and minerals and all kinds of wondrous nutrients and benefits. The big jazz in maca is supposed to come from the fact that it helps to balance your hormones. It’s what they call an “adaptogen”. […]

Pregnancy Skincare: What’s Safe To Use?

The whole issue of “safety” when it comes to certain skincare ingredients during pregnancy is a touchy one and experts seem to have quite divided opinions on it, which doesn’t help when you’re looking for solid information on something at an already very confusing and anxiety-ridden time. To help clear things up, I asked cosmetic dermatologist […]