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Weekly Christmas Shop: Kitschmas

Whilst browsing for a lamp shaped like a monkey (as you do) I stumbled across a brilliant page with ideas for alternative Christmas decorations. It was on Amara*, a designer interiors website that I buy home stuff from quite a lot – they do some really interesting brands and quirky little things as well as very […]

Weekly Christmas Shop: The Luxe List

Here it is: the women’s Christmas Gift Guide. I find that women are much, much easier to buy for than men. My friends like almost anything that smells or looks or feels nice. I like almost everything that smells or looks or feels nice. I honestly don’t know how people get it so wrong, with unfunny novelty mugs and candles that […]

Weekly Window Shop: Cosy Cable Knits

It’s back by popular demand – the Weekly Window Shop. All feedback duly noted, though the suggestion to make it monthly or bi-monthly does sort of mess with my alliteration! Monthly Window Shop doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. We return with a bit of a selfish one, because I am obsessed with all things cable knit […]

Weekly Window Shop: Five Under Five

Last week we had ten under ten, this week it’s five under five. Next week, who knows? Two under two? Ha! That’ll cut my workload down… Actually, it’s really quite unexpectedly hard to find good things online for less than a fiver, unless it’s all beauty stuff… So first of all, the book that many of you […]