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List: Things That Only Tom Hardy Can Make Sexy

Have you been watching Taboo on BBC1? Oh my lord. It’s very good – very good. It’s sort of a cross between an incredibly dark and violent Dickens story and something bleak and hopeless and beautiful, like, I don’t know, The Piano. The art direction is amazing, the plot is weird-but-interesting, the costumes and the sets completely capture everything that London […]

Two New Things

I warned you that it was all go until Christmas: two new things for you to get excited about. If you like babies. If you don’t like babies and would rather prong your eyeballs out with a fork than look at pictures of them, videos of them or read any kind of chat about them, this […]

Things I’m Loving

Things I’m Loving As soon as I saw the new Dyson Hair Dryer I knew I absolutely had to try it. I get excited about a new Dyson vacuum cleaner, so imagine how thrilled I was to take this baby out of the box. It’s clear to see that this isn’t an ordinary hair dryer. […]