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Summer Gifting with Boots UK

Summer Gifting with Boots UK *This post is sponsored by Boots UK. Gift giving is one of those things often associated with the latter part of each year, and for me most gifting situations outside of the last quarter are met with a sudden gasp and a palm to the face, the day before said […]

What To Wear: Summer 2017

I’ve been shopping, which is always a dangerous sport. To be fair, a lot of it gets returned: for every twenty things I order (always online, much to the horror of Mr AMR, who has to sidestep huge mounds of ASOS bags and shoe boxes for two weeks while I decide what I’m keeping!) I […]

On-The-Go Summer Day Essentials

Recently I've taken to wishing summer away in favour of Autumn. I'm such a homebody that I love nothing more than cosy days spent on the sofa with blankets (yes, plural) watching a seasonal drama or movie. However, I realised there's enough time for that when Autumn arrives and I really should embrace the last […]