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How I Style My Shorter Hair

Pretty self-explanatory, this video – how I style my shorter length hair. I either let it air-dry, twisting the strands every now and again to give it a bit of a tousled texture (you can do the same thing if you use a hair-dryer, too) or I wave it using a curling wand. (See post […]

Summer Style: Day To Night

DAY TO NIGHT DRESSING WITH ASOS When it comes to outfits for those summer days and nights, the perfect “all day-er” can often be a little tricky to master. You want something that’s light and breathable to get you through the warmest parts of the day, and something that has enough material and looks great […]

How To Style a Blazer

My first foray into the world of blazers was when I was about 14 years old. I bought myself a black corduroy number from H&M that I used to accompany with a long striped scarf (so long that it used to dangle on the floor no matter how many times I wrapped it around my neck), […]

The Anti-Haul: The Style Edition

If you haven’t been introduced to the concept of an ‘Anti-Haul’ before, then head over to Kimberly Clark’s channel and prepare to be addicted. The idea is that you run through items and instead of a traditional haul where you show what you’ve purchased, you talk though things that you’re not going to buy. Or […]