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Last week I was lucky enough to hop on a flight to Italy with Fresh to learn more about where they source the very special Umbrian Clay they use in their skincare products. We were also the first people to see the limited edition new collaboration with Rometti Ceramics. As someone who already uses the […]

A Closer Look at Herbivore

Closer Look at Herbivore I absolutely adore Herbivore Botanicals and everything that the brand and its creators stand for. In case you haven’t heard of Herbivore before, let me give you a bit of background as to what this brand is all about. Herbivore products are completely safe and non toxic. The thing that I […]

My Autumn Makeup Look

I’ve been going a bit russety around the eyes for this year’s Autumn Makeup Look. (I say this year’s look as though I do a different look every year, but as we all know, all of my “looks” tend to be a subtle variation on “natural” or “smokey eye”!) I always expect myself to be uninspired by Autumn […]