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A Day In The Life: I’m Both Happy & Sad

I’ve temporarily dispensed with A Week In My Life in favour of A Day In The Life in the hope that the content will be easier to digest and perhaps more engaging. At some point perhaps I should try An Hour In My Life or even, if people can’t stay tuned for that long, A Minute In My Life. If I […]

BRB! I’m Ready For Ya 2018…

I feel like I’ve been dreaming about writing this post for months and I guess I kinda have. When Mark proposed to me back in December 2015 my first though aside from ‘OMG I can’t believe you just proposed to me in your pants and I have stinky morning breath‘, is that we were going […]

Things I’m Loving

Things I’m Loving As soon as I saw the new Dyson Hair Dryer I knew I absolutely had to try it. I get excited about a new Dyson vacuum cleaner, so imagine how thrilled I was to take this baby out of the box. It’s clear to see that this isn’t an ordinary hair dryer. […]