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Amazing LK Bennett Giveaway!

I know what you’re thinking: it’s ages since Ruth did a giveaway. Bloody hell. Selfish cow. I wish she’d do a giveaway – preferably with those amazing Oxblood suede shoes she showed in her latest fashion shoot. Well, dear readers: you did the thinking, and I telepathically listened! I have a quite wonderful giveaway for you […]

Giveaway: OM Skincare and the Mindful Traveller

I think that OM Skincare’s Mindful Traveller is a fabulous idea: a gorgeous, sleek bottle that houses travel-friendly amounts of OM’s Pure Glow Cleanser and Daily Radiance Moisturiser. I call it a bottle, but it’s not really – it’s a lightweight tube, with two little refillable bottles, one at each end. It’s like a luxury perfume purse-spray, but filled […]

The Incredible OM Skincare Giveaway…

I have a rather fabulous worldwide giveaway for you today. I mentioned the gorgeous new OM Skincare in a recent Space NK post – it’s a results-driven brand, using complex formulas and luxurious ingredients, but it very much embraces a “mindful” approach to skincare and beauty. Mindfulness is a bit of a buzzword these days – we’re encouraged to take […]