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eBay Bargains #81 – Homeware Finds

Mason Jar String Fairy Lights £11.69 Possibly the nicest string lights I’ve ever come across! These can either be strung up like in the above image or used like normal string/fairy lights. Perfect for down the side of shelving or a bookcase or even in the kitchen. These are also over 60cm in length and battery […]

The Best Pale Skin Beauty Finds

As a pale skin person (I was going to put ‘beauty’, but ya know) I’m on a constant hunt for beauty products that match my skin tone. That’s of course foundation and concealer, but also all other products as even standard tones can appear too pigmented against my fair complexion. Of course, I’m not alone […]

eBay Bargains #71 – 99p Finds

Guilt-free shopping! One of my most favourite posts to put together! All eBay items below include free delivery and no taxes are ever incurred. Happy shopping! 1. Cactus/Succulent Keyring 99p HEREOkay, how cute?! If you are loving the cactus trend then you may want to snap one of these up. I went for two as […]

My eBay Finds Now on Pinterest!

For the last year or so I’ve enjoyed scouring eBay for the best bargain finds and creating my eBay Bargains blog posts, but with a full watch list on eBay I feel I have more bargains to share but don’t ever want to bore you or the readers that come just here for beauty related […]