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Wardrobe Essentials: Autumn 2017

I’m back with some excellent wardrobe essentials to see you through the Autumn months. From the best boyish coat to the sexiest mid-length skirt, I have every angle covered. Bear in mind that I still have a bit of a baby tum and massive matronly bosoms and have therefore dressed accordingly. Or at least tried to. Hopefully […]

On-The-Go Summer Day Essentials

Recently I've taken to wishing summer away in favour of Autumn. I'm such a homebody that I love nothing more than cosy days spent on the sofa with blankets (yes, plural) watching a seasonal drama or movie. However, I realised there's enough time for that when Autumn arrives and I really should embrace the last […]

Some Sunshine Essentials…

Trying to schedule a post around when you think it might be sunny is almost impossible in this country, so I’m assuming that it will be raining as you read this. If it does happen to be raining, then look upon the post as a sort of “teaser” for any upcoming warm weather – at any rate, it’s […]