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Easy Everyday Makeup

Here’s a simple makeup tutorial on my easy everyday makeup! Stick around for the Bloopers and enjoy. SHOP The Look Below! Turn on your JavaScript to view content Shirley’s Wardrobe | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | By Shirley B. Eniang

10 Easy DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

I remember when I first realised the importance of an organise makeup station setup. By simply grouping products together and storing them in a few clever ways made applying makeup quicker as I knew where everything was. It also made for a neater more aesthetically pleasing dressing table! Instead of spending money, clever makeup storage […]

Alpha-H Vitamin Collection: Easy Bespoke Skincare

I’m so impressed with Alpha-H’s latest launch – I think that it really taps into the trend for bespoke skincare, but in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. The Vitamin Profiling Collection is a set of four potent serums, each featuring a different beauty-boosting vitamin and addressing a different set of skincare  concerns. Three of the […]

3 Easy DIY Chokers

Hey guys!! Here’s my latest DIY project, these easy peasy chokers! I’m loving the trend! It’s edgy and adds a nice flair to any outfit! I especially like to wear them with tube tops and spaghetti straps á la the 90s! I’m really digging a lot of the trends now that are inspired by that […]