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How To Make The Most of Feel Unique’s Pick n’ Mix Beauty Sample Service + What I Picked Up This Month

If you are a regular reader of Makeup Savvy then you may have read my over excited post towards the end of last year when I first discovered the amazing Feel Unique Pick n’ Mix Sample Service. For me discovering a sample service that’s actually worth it was a big deal! You basically get to […]

On Beauty: It’s Okay.

It’s okay to use face wipes. It’s okay not shave your armpits. They are yours to do with as you wish. It’s okay to use the same mascara until it runs out and ignore the ‘use by’ guidelines.  It’s okay to squeeze your spots (with clean hands, mind).  It’s okay to like how you look […]

Sunday Tittle Tattle: Best Beauty Buys

Oh, we’re knee-deep in this whole headache-inducing Black Friday business, which seems to now start on a Wednesday and last until a Tuesday, but still manages to fill me with excitement because: DISCOUNTS. Discounts are basically my downfall – give me any kind of voucher code or “special VIP coupon” and I simply must use it, even […]

Room 101: Beauty Edition

One of my guilty pleasures is watching back to back episodes of Room 101. It’s not really a guilty pleasure… more a waste of time generally when I should be doing something else!  If you aren’t familiar with the comedy/tongue–in–cheek style programme it’s a series in which celebrities are invited to share their pet hates […]