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eBay Bargains #79 – Disney Obsessed

Walt Disney Vintage Style Donald Duck T-Shirt (£5.99)I think most Disney lovers own at least one piece of themed clothing. For me, that’s always pyjamas and t-shirts. One the whole I go for the cute factor, shopping at Primark mainly, but there’s something about vintage Disney that looks more grown-up and put together. The listing […]

eBay Bargains #71 – 99p Finds

Guilt-free shopping! One of my most favourite posts to put together! All eBay items below include free delivery and no taxes are ever incurred. Happy shopping! 1. Cactus/Succulent Keyring 99p HEREOkay, how cute?! If you are loving the cactus trend then you may want to snap one of these up. I went for two as […]