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My Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Wishlist

IT’S CAPSULE WARDROBE TIME AGAIN! September marks the beginning of my autumn capsule wardrobe and although I haven’t really started the shift yet as I’m here, there and everywhere until mid-September I’m already thinking about the empty categories that will add some versatility into my closet and need filling before the cooler weather makes an […]

My Glossy Autumn Gel Nails… | AD

As you well know if you’re a long-term reader of A Model Recommends, I am strictly low-maintenance when it comes to my nails. I mostly wear nude shades, with the occasional red and a very occasional “off-piste” crazy shade, but my focus is usually on keeping my hands and nails looking neat and polished rather than swapping my […]

My Autumn Makeup Look

I’ve been going a bit russety around the eyes for this year’s Autumn Makeup Look. (I say this year’s look as though I do a different look every year, but as we all know, all of my “looks” tend to be a subtle variation on “natural” or “smokey eye”!) I always expect myself to be uninspired by Autumn […]

My Happy Place & Autumn Touches

We went away at the weekend to the Chewton Glen Treehouses which are quickly becoming one of my favourite places to be. It’s extremely tranquil looking out into woodland and listening to the birds chirping away and It’s absolutely no secret that Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, everything is just…better. The trees are […]