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LET’S TALK ABOUT CLÉ DE PEAU Affiliate links are marked with a * I remember when I first started making YouTube videos EVERYONE was raving about the *Clé De Peau Concealer. It was so expensive back then and is STILL sooooo expensive right now, but Clé De Peau was one of those beauty brands that […]

Everything You Need To Know About Glossier’s New Exfoliator Solution

For the past few years, chemical exfoliation has become a hot topic. I know I've definitely upped my game in that department, transitioning from physical exfoliators to acids based one and not looking back.  So when millennial beauty brand Glossier dropped another new product in the form of a face exfoliator and skin perfector named […]

The Creators of The Ordinary Are About To Drop Two Beauty Bundles You Won’t Want To Miss

By now I think it's safe to say that most that love skincare are a fan of The Ordinary, I certainly am, owning over 60% of the products they're come out with since they launched. However, there are two niggles I have with the budget skincare brand… 1. I want everything (not their fault, really!), […]

Simple Technique for When You Can’t Stop Stressing About Your Skin

I’m sure you know the feeling…you can’t stop looking in the mirror; you’re hyper-aware of your skin, maybe it feels warm, looks red. The thoughts start rolling. You’re worrying about the friends you’re meeting up with in a couple of days, the work colleagues you’ll see tomorrow, or the classmates at school. All of this […]