My Skincare Routine & New Favourites From Chanel

I will always be a believer in a good skincare routine. There’s only so far my diet and fitness routine can go in ensuring a healthy glowing complexion, so I really do rely on my routine to put back what my lifestyle and the environment around me strips it of. I have normal/dehydrated/sometimes dry skin, and because of this I tend to lean towards products that are nourishing or hydrating, but not too rich as I’m very rarely dry enough to need a product with a heavier texture. Over the years I’ve realised that my skin responds really well to consistency and a more minimal routine – which is so much more achievable and easier to carry out on a daily basis! 
To kick my routine off, I always remove my makeup with a makeup remover or cleansing water. At the moment I’m going quite heavy on the eye makeup on a daily basis so I use the Chanel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover before double cleansing. I love a good balm cleanser, and for that the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel will always be my number one go to product. I always follow cleansing up with a toner/face mist and this is possibly the only step where the product switches up so frequently, at the moment I’m trying the Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist and enjoying it a lot.
In the morning I’ll use a serum or oil, but mostly recently I’ve been sticking to a new favourite in the Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum, it’s a deeply hydrating serum that leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and allows my makeup to smooth over my skin beautifully. In the evening I mostly use the Sunday Riley Luna Oil – despite not loving this when I first started using it, I’ve seen great results once used consistently and over a longer period of time. Redness is reduced and my skin looks more even and radiant. My spots also seem to heal quicker and leave a lot less scarring so it really is a magical little oil.
I always finish my routine with my Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment and Skin Rescuer both morning and night. These are two staples in my routine that I just cannot be without. However on the weekend I have a slightly different routine and use the Le Weekend De Chanel in place of my serum and moisturiser to both exfoliate and hydrate my skin. I do find this can be a little less hydrating than my usual routine so often I’ll use the Hydra Beauty Serum before if I feel my skin is a little dehydrated. 
Et voila! My skincare routine in a nut shell. 
If you’d like to see both the morning and evening routine in action then scroll down to the video below!