My Five Step Motivational Morning Routine

My Five Step Motivational Morning Routine 
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I feel like it needs to be said that I’m most definitely not a morning person – my best hours are 11am – 4pm and either side of that I just generally want to be asleep. Despite this I aim to be up at around 7:30am everyday, and definitely cannot do this without a little help! Since I’ve started working for myself, I’ve been perfecting the ultimate motivational morning routine that’s not too taxing, but gives you enough time to wake up and feel your brain buzz.
With tea… of course! I aim to either drink a green tea or at the very least a big glass of water first thing in the morning to kickstart my routine. It makes waking up that little bit more gentle and kicks away the odd sugar cravings I always wake up with. 
Recently I’ve introduced a gentle morning gym routine in to my schedule. Ten minutes on the treadmill on an incline gets me moving and helps boost my energy levels for the rest of the day. Just this simple power walk in the mornings really helps and, as I’m not including weights or doing anything too crazy, I manage to drag myself out the house without fail.

Once I’m done at the gym I come home and cleanse without fail. After a gym session I always like to make sure I tend to my skin, and if I’m feeling particularly groggy and my pores look blocked I bring the face masks out as well. Recently I’ve been using a combination of the Origins Maskimizer and the By All Greens Mask from Origins. These two have become my skin detoxing dream team – with the Maskimizer preparing my skin and keeping it hydrated whilst the mask is doing it’s work. It contains Spirulina, Spinach and Green Tea and is classed as a two in one self foaming green clay mask. But don’t let the foaming part put you off – it’s not stripping and honestly theres nothing bubbly going on here, it just feels light and non sticky unlike traditional clay masks, but the best bit? It has that beautiful Origins “Make A Difference” range scent – the one that I always bang on about, saying “it’s like angels are having a party on my face” – that one! I’ll be honest and say I was weary when I first tried it, but it’s now a go to part of my deep cleansing routine. 
Once my skin is cleansed I continue with my skincare routine as usual before moving on to my makeup routine. Depending on what the day has in store for me will dictate how much makeup – but whatever I’m doing there’s always a little bit more on my face than I actually need. I just love the stuff!
I find a good wholesome breakfast always makes me feel ready to get on with my day and helps me to focus my mind – without this it often takes me hours to get started and pushes my whole day back by a couple of hours! I always try to opt for eggs, spinach and salmon – whether in an omelette or any other cooked form – but sometimes I’ll go for something a little smaller and more sweet. Yoghurt and fruit with a sprinkling of granola and flax seed is my go to for when I don’t have enough time to cook breakfast.
By the time I’m through with this routine I’ve had enough time for my brain to wake up and I’m usually raring to go! It also keeps me from checking my emails, comments or browsing unnecessarily through Instagram so I have a little bit more “me time” in the real world before I start work. 

Since its inception in 1990, Origins has been scouring the earth to uncover the most efficacious plants to create high-performance natural skincare products. This process has allowed Origins to turn to nature for inspiration and science for validation, utilising a blend of organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. Origins products are always sourced from sustainable regions and are manufactured using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy and earth-friendly practices.