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I interviewed the perpetually glamorous Linda Rodin for the current issue of  STYLEBY.  And since it has been translated into Swedish for print the full feature is in English below. Happy reading!


Stylist, icon and beauty boss, Linda Rodin has stepped into the world of colour cosmetics. The self-proclaimed ‘tough tomato’ introduced an edit of five eye-catching lipsticks to Rodin’s assortment of face and body care. Rodin’s foray into colour was much anticipated. Her eponymous line (which is now part of Estée Lauder Group) has been a favourite among fashion darlings since its launch in 2007. Having sent the beauty world into a tizzy after introducing her cult face oil, Rodin is partially responsible for the face oil craze. Her new generation of long-wear, high pigmented lipsticks are definitely products to watch. Linda opens up about her creative process, latest launch and aging gracefully.


You’re known for saying “beauty is simplicity”. How does your current edit of products fit into this theory?

“I don’t make gratuitous products. I make things that I use daily and are essential to me.”


Why did you decide to launch lipsticks?  

“I decided to make lipstick because I use it every day and wanted perfect colours and texture.”


For those who aren’t familiar with Rodin, can you describe how you created the formula for your oils?

“I made the formula in my bathroom, mixing many of the oils I always loved and used independently of each other. One day I decided to mix them all together. It’s the same formula since day one.”


Was the process similar for creating lipsticks?

“It isn’t similar because I could not make lipstick at home. It is similar because I couldn’t find the perfect lipstick for me so I had to make it. It’s the same reason I made my face oil. Nothing on the market appealed to me at that time.”


Is your lipstick wardrobe complete with five shades or do anticipate additions down the line?  

“Yes. Totally complete.”


When did you start wearing lipstick?

“At about sixteen. We wore pale shades. Never bold colours.”


The shades and names feel very personal can you describe the influences for each lip colour?  

“The names and shades came naturally to me. A wonderful project. Red Hedy: she was a brilliant scientist and gorgeous actress. Brains and beauty. And she always wore the perfect red; So Mod: I loved Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy in the 1960’s and wore that shade. Love it; Billie on the Bike: my mother’s name was Beatrice aka Billie and I have movies of her from the 1950’s riding her bike in this gorgeous berry coloured lipstick; Tough Tomato:  because I am one. It’s a very vibrant orange that is flattering on most everyone; Winks: Named after my beloved Winky. I adore hot pink.”


Describe the texture and wear of the new lippies?

“The formula is creamy yet matte. It glides on so well and stays on for a long time. And it has a stain to it. Jasmine and neroli oils are in the formula.


The packaging is reminiscent of Lucite was this intentional?

“I’ve always loved Lucite. Clean and chic and simple.”


We hear you are developing lip liners for lip kits. Do you wear liner and feel it is an essential?  

“Yes. My lip liner is almost ready. It is essential for me to kind of draw my lip shape and then apply my lipstick.”


Can we expect more items from Rodin in colour-cosmetics?

“I can’t answer that now. Perhaps a few specific things but I’m not a makeup brand and I only wear lipstick and occasionally some eye stuff. I’m not into makeup but adore skincare.”


Has working with Estée Lauder made the dive into colour-cosmetics a more obvious next step for Rodin?

“No, actually. I had started working on my lipsticks pre-Lauder. But they were completed post-Lauder.”


Were you able to maintain creative control throughout the process?

“Yes. I worked very hard on the colour matching and creating the perfect formula–matte yet creamy. And long lasting.”


You’ve spoken openly about injectables. What is your take on how they are used in society today?

“I tried filler and after a short while I saw myself morphing into someone else. I stopped immediately. I think it’s quite sad that young women don’t let their faces evolve naturally. Wait a while and see how you might age. But to each his own Nothing is graceful about aging. I have no tips really. One has to decide that on their own. I prefer my face as it ages to a pumped up or pulled face. That’s just my personal opinion. But it’s not easy to look at wrinkles either. Just my preference.”

Photo by: Gabor Jurina

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