it Cosmetics Your skin but better CC cream

And just like that it’s 2018! To kick off the year we have been testing out the It Cosmetics Your skin but better CC cream SPF50+ and oh my goodness is it great.
 Initially I had disregarded this when it appeared on my desk, CC creams generally don’t float my boat, but I took it home to test out and was in love from the first use.

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Coverage wise it’s medium to full but by no means feels heavy or chalky. I don’t enjoy a particularly heavy cover base but I found when I spritzed on a hydrating facial spray, such as Emma Hardie Plump and Glow or Origins Ginzing Face spritz first it helped to sheer out the cover.
 It instantly blurs out discolouration, uneven skin tone and any high colour from blemishes but doesn’t mask it. Your skin just simply looks naturally evened. You can always pin point conceal with a separate concealer if needed.
 Blending is easy and the creamy rich texture melts away easily. Use a minimal amount of product and build using a large buffing brush.

Medium tan

 The texture on the skin once it has set is hydrated but not greasy and it gives off a radiant finish that looks totally natural. No sparkle or shimmer. It’s brightening rather than illuminating. It doesn’t sit in fine lines or pores and really does look like the best version of your own skin.
 You may notice that Titanium Dioxide is the first ingredient, which usually means flash back,  but I have found there was zero flashback under camera light and my skin didn’t look pale or chalky. I would definitely say it’s a nice product for brides but I would test it first during a trial as sometimes ingredients react differently with different skins.
There are some interesting ingredients within, which would mostly benefit a dehydrated or dryer skin type (I found it still worked well on a combination skin however).
 High up on the ingredients is snail slime filtrate. Yes you heard me, snail slime!
 If you ever picked up snails as a kid and let them slither over your hand you’ll know the slimy, slightly sticky feel they have. Well this slime is now becoming popular within cosmetics. This slime is packed full of Hyaluronic acid and glycoproteins which promote healthy collagen and elastin. I’m not too sure how it is extracted but I’m hoping no snails were harmed, I’m a snail fan!
 Niacinamide is also included which is great for soothing blemished skins and reddened skins.
 Tones of skin loving ingredients are within such as avocado oil, lime oil, soyabean, grapefruit, aloe, olive and turmeric. Not to mention the citrus ingredients that you can instantly smell on application. It’s like buffing in lemon cheesecake onto your face, smells delicious.
The only downside I can find, as usual is the shade selection. 7 shades from fair through to deep but I’m not sure the deep is quite deep enough. Unfortunately it cosmetics don’t offer samples.
The full size 32ml CC cream is £30.00 and available here.