Investing In The Givenchy Antigona.

Some of you may not know, but designer bags have been my secret obsession for a very very long time now. It all started when I was 18, and I would lust over bags on tumblr, posting several photos of the same Chanel from different angles that I’d round on various scandinavian blogs. I’d also get really excited when my friends parents would bring them bags back from their trips, and spend hours watching bags come and go from ASOS – back in the day when ASOS sold Chanel (errr, can we bring that back please?).
I’m often asked why I’m so captivated by the more premium offerings, and other than the fact that they look stunning, I love the fact that more classic styles are often completely timeless. I’ve also never known anyone to have theirs fall to pieces after a few months of wear like some high street offerings can do.  When it came to purchasing my own, I didn’t take the decision lightly. I wanted something that looked beautiful and unique, whilst remaining timeless and also hardwearing. I’ve made a couple of purchases over the past year, but for me the Givenchy Antigona has been the stand out. 
Back in October I purchased the Givenchy Antigona. I went with the small size as it felt more “me”, in pebble grey and I love it so much and wear it with as many outfits as possible! It comes complete with a shoulder strap (a little shorter than I’m accustomed to but I actually prefer it) and a plethora of inner pockets (for me to loose my keys in, of course). It’s not only beautiful, but incredibly sturdy, and has held it’s shape incredibly well. It’s mix of masculine structure and soft colouring made it a perfect match for me and it’s transitioned seamlessly in to my wardrobe. 
 Since investing in the Antigona I haven’t felt the need to constantly purchase something new – which is a huge change for me. I love it each day the same as the one before and I’m starting to want to treat the rest of my wardrobe this way. In the same way as I’d prefer to have a smaller more curated bag collection, I really enjoy having a smaller selection of pieces that have been carefully picked out rather than thrown in my basket during a super market sweep style shop (Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good ASOS haul, but you will notice a slight shift in the regularity of hauls)!


Before purchasing, I really did my research. I checked out all the sizings, colourings and the materials on offer, and made sure they suited me well (is it a shade that works with my wardrobe? Can I fit a laptop in? Is this material going to mark?) and of course price checked various websites – buying through Selfridges worked out a little less. I visited their stores, tried the bags on and took a million photos with different options to flick through later. 
One of my main concerns is always about the bag style and whether it’s timeless enough to be a “forever” bag. I’d seen the Givenchy Antigona and loved the look of it, and wondered if it would stand the test of time. I did a lot of research (an indictor of how much I really like a bag – I spent so many hours each evening looking things up about this one) and discovered that it’s popularity hadn’t decreased much at all since it’s release around five years ago. Even now they seem to be having another moment. I visited in store, asked a million questions about how the material had been treated/how to best care for it and took photos with both the medium (too big) and small (just right) sizes. I decided to opt for a slightly lighter as I often wear so many dark shades, though I must say any future purchases will most likely be made in black as light grey does require a little more maintenance. 
That might have felt like one long bag related ramble, but if you are thinking about investing in any bag, no matter what your budget, these are some things you might want to keep in mind…
Is this bag going to be an all occasions bag, everyday bag, formal bag, or for special occasions?
Smooth leathers can often mark far more easily than grained leather. Depending on what the bag is going to be used for, this may be a highly important factor.
Lighter bags can mark or show dirt more easily – is this likely to happen to you?
Always keep your budget in mind, and consider various brands when shopping around.
Does your colour choice work with your wardrobe? Does it work for various seasons? Do you already own anything similar?
Honestly, there are so many things to think about, especially if you’re an over thinker like myself. But I thought I’d lay my advice out regardless as I spent hours reading through advice posts before I made my first purchase. But seeing as it’s been almost five months since I purchased the Antigona I thought I’d also update you on my feelings towards it – still in love!