Home Haul Part Two: Our Living Space

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Welcome back to part two of my lovely little (or, errr, not so little) Homesense haul! If you missed the first one or you’re not familiar with the homeware wonderland that is Homesense, you can read all about it in my previous post here! It showcases all of the pieces that I bought for our Bedroom, and it really was the cherry on top of the icing in finishing the furnishing of that room.

Today I’m talking through all of the bits and bobs I picked up for our living space – so living room, dining area and kitchen!

First up, can we please just take a moment for the Pumpkin mug (£7.99)? It’s so unbelievably cute I just couldn’t leave it in the store! In addition to great everyday essentials and lovely unique pieces, Homesense is also great for seasonal items, whether it’s Halloween decorations or Autumnal floral wreaths, Christmas accessories or the perfect summer picnic pieces, they do it all. This mug will be perfect with a warm chocolate drink and some marshmallows on those cosy autumn evenings – just the thought of it brings me so much joy!

Then we have this gorgeous furry stool, a very “on trend” (for lack of a better, less cringy term) home accessory at the moment. This cost £59.99 and I was so happy with the price as others I’d seen were so much more! I also love the wooden legs verses the more common gold legs – it makes it a little more subtle and will help it to stand the test of time a little better! It works nicely in our living room as you can pop your feet up on it, but also use it to hold a tea tray or your laptop too. It works really nicely with the abundance of baskets in the room too (all from Homesense), the newest one is a lovely round multi-toned one that keeps our extra cushions (and a few of the new puppies toys) neat and tidy!

Keeping with the pumpkin theme, this pumpkin and almond candle (£5.99) smells delicious and is the perfect transition in to autumn as the almond fragrance gives the pumpkin a little bit more of a fresh smell, so our home doesn’t smell of sickly sweet pumpkin just yet! But oh, just you wait! To keep our candles out on our dining table and save us using our coasters on that end of the room, we now have this grey marble slate (£12.99), the quality is amazing and looks lovely on our dark wood dining table. It works really well under our extra bowls/plates we might have whilst eating dinner too! Speaking of – I picked up some new textured bowls (£3.99 each) are such a perfect size, and seeing as we use bowls far more than we use plates, I thought it best to stock up on some new ones! I also picked up this pink ramekin (for £2.99!!!) which is perfect for housing my side salads or guacamole and is way cuter than the old chipped white one I’ve had for years now!

And finally, new doggie bowls!!! These monochrome spotty bowls with a gold trim are just an actual dream. I’ve never seen such gorgeous pet accessories and though Homesense always comes through with great dog toys, I so impressed by this! I actually need to go see if they have any left over in store so Rory can have the same set when she’s bigger!

And that is it! I feel like this haul helped me so much in finalising the last few bits I needed for our new house, so a big thank you to Homesense for making all my home interior dreams come true! If you haven’t already watched the home haul where I buy all of the above, head over and watch it here. Also keep your eyes peeled for my first room tour which will be coming this month!

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