Fictitious Fragrance Fan: Lisa Douglas of ‘Green Acres’

Green Acres‘ Lisa Douglas, played by Eva Gabor remains one of the most fabulous characters of ’60s television. Zsa Zsa may have gotten more press, but Eva’s adoration of a penthouse view influenced my me in more ways than I can even count. Let’s just say that the opening song is one of my favorite theme tunes ever and it’s no accident that I live on Park Avenue (South, but still) and boast a penthouse view (an apartment on the penthouse floor, if we’re nitpicky–still has a view!). Maybe I see it as my duty to live the New York life Lisa Douglas was meant to live, if she didn’t have to scoot off to the country with her man as women in the ’60s were wont to do. In 2017, it’s a cautionary tale. In 1965, it was standard operating procedure, let’s not forget. I mean seriously, you guys. […]
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