Féret Parfumeur

Féret Parfumeur

A touch of France in your routine!

While shopping with Aslan for a few things he needed to pick up, I couldn’t help but notice the striking yellow packaging of these two items sitting by the counter. I had never seen or heard of this brand before and I had no idea what the products were…exciting!

Feret Parfumeur was founded in 1865, and became the premier distributor of French cosmetics in Morocco, Algeria, Casablanca and the rest of the French-speaking world. Today, the great-great-grandson of the founders takes pride in the continued popularity of the brand’s signature products, crafted with organic honey and scented with delicate rose.

The Hyalin-Alum Bloc is an alum potassium block, which is 100% natural so it’s not mixed with any chemicals or anything synthetic. Notably, this is recognised as the best alternative for deodorant and will also help soothe minor cuts and irritations. It’s an alcohol-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic block so it’s also perfect for shaving. When used before shaving, the astringent properties will prepare the hair and make shaving easier. After shaving, rub it onto the area while it’s still wet and after the area dries, you can then apply moisturiser to the area before towel drying the block. The block will soothe any razor rash, tone the skin and leave a fresh sensation to the skin, as well as the anti-bacterial properties preventing the appearance of any spots. With great care, the block can last years and years, although be careful not to drop it as it can smash easily on hard surfaces!


The Hyalomiel Jelly is a moisturising, soothing and refreshing gel which can be used on the hands and feet. Made from organic honey from France, it has a non-greasy texture which sinks in almost instantly when applied to the skin. With a feminine powdery rose fragrance, it’s a beautiful product to use in the morning post shower to moisturise hands and feet. With no parabens in the ingredients, it has been created with people with sensitive skin in mind as it has been tested under dermatological control.



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