Over the years you might have noticed that Aslan and I have a little (ok a big) obsession with stationery. Don’t ask me why, but stationery is one of life’s simple pleasures that brings me SO much joy. There’s something so pleasing about opening up your pencil case or your stationery drawer to see a cluster of glorious multicoloured pens and pencils staring back at you. As part of our #InTheWorld series on YouTube, Aslan and I decided to put together a video to showcase 3 of our all time FAVOURITE stationery stores in London. The stores that we’re about to tell you about literally make my heart skip a beat and if you’re anywhere near as stationery-obsessed as we are then I can guarantee your heart is going to be pump, pump, pumping too! Of course I couldn’t visit the stores without picking up a few bits and bobs to add to my collection (oops) so I thought I’d put together a little post to show you some of the goodies that I acquired while filming and tell you a little bit more about what makes these shops so damn special. Stay tuned to the end of the post to see the video! Enjoy!


Columbia Road is one of the streets in London that I love the most. If you take a walk down this road on a weekday you would probably be surprised to discover that every Sunday morning the quiet street is transformed into one of the busiest flower markets you will ever see. The reason Aslan and I decided to wander over to this side of town is because Columbia Road is home to one of our favourite stationery stores, Choosing Keeping. Stepping into Choosing Keeping is like stepping into stationery HEAVEN. This place is like no other stationery shop in the world and every time I set foot inside the front door and onto the teeny weeny shop floor I’m reminded of just how quaint and unique Choosing Keeping really is.

For me, the thing that sets Choosing Keeping apart from the thousands of other stationery stores, is its incredible selection of HAND PRINTED marbled papers. It’s hard for me to describe the sheer beauty of these papers through words, so definitely make sure you check out the video if you want to see them in all their colourful glory (better yet, go and see them IRL!). I actually have one of their gorgeous marbled pen pots sitting in pride of place on my desk in my office and I absolutely love it. Aslan and I pretty much always hit up Choosing Keeping around Christmas time because it’s the perfect place to pick up some really unique gifts. As well as stocking a ton of amazing stationery brands within their store, Choosing Keeping also make their own stationery. I have my eye on one of the beautiful marbled notebooks for my Mom (I hope she’s not reading this lol!). The fact that these notebooks are wrapped in hand printed paper means that no two books are the same. Incredible right!?

Alongside their collection of pens, pencils and desk supplies, Choosing Keeping also have an interesting selection of glass objects and one-of-a-kind knick knacks. If you watch the video you’ll see that they have a bunch of these really fascinating glass ‘light mills’ in the window which pretty much blew my mind. The light mill is an airtight glass bulb with a set of vanes mounted on a spindle inside. You’re supposed to keep these by a window because when the sunlight hits the light mill the vanes start to spin around. I feel like I’m not explaining this very well at all so you will definitely have to take peek at the video to see what I mean lol! They also have the most stunning selection of paperweights with delicate flowers inside. I’m definitely going to be taking a trip back to Choosing Keeping over the next few weeks to stock up on Christmas prezzies! If Choosing Keeping takes your fancy make sure you pop by on a Sunday so that you can experience the flower market in all its glory too. We love this store! Follow them on Instagram > here < and find their store at 128 Columbia Road, London, E2 7RG.


The other week Aslan and I made our way over to Shoreditch to check out the pop up Papersmiths store in box park. I’ve been known to place a few orders on the Papersmiths website over time (I really have no self control on this site lol) and they also have a store in Bristol which looks like a dream come true. If pink interiors are your thang, you neeeeeeeed to take a peek for yourself. Before I even had a chance to check out the stationery options I was completely heart-eyed over the floor to ceiling pastel pink tiles and white neon sign in the doorway. Trust me when I say that this place is pure stationery (and interior) goals.

Papersmiths was actually founded by super cool duo, Sidonie and Kyle who are also co-founders of design studio, Studio B. They relocated to Bristol in 2012 where they decided to split the space into two to house their design studio in one half and Papersmiths in the other. The duo’s design-led eye is clear to see through their choice of unique stationery and homeware pieces. I could literally spend hours in their store! I have hearts in my eyes just thinking about it!

Papersmiths is the kind of stationery store that pretty much stock everything you’ll ever need for not only your office, but your home too! You can pick up anything from artists pens and pencils, to CANDLES, ribbons, books and cards. Of course I couldn’t leave the store without a pen or two (or ten) so I just had to pick up this beautiful pack of Artline Fine Pens which come in every colour under the sun. (I’m living for that peach colour!) Expect my notebook to start getting VERY colourful from now on! Of course I’m attracted to anything pastel blue like a magpie so I ended up coming home with one of their beautiful leather pouches to keep all of my brand new pens inside! Things like this make me way more happy than they should #obsessed.

I can’t be the only person in the world who gets excited about greetings cards, right!? Papersmiths literally have the most amazing selection of cards I’ve ever seen so of course I couldn’t resist picking up a couple to add to my ever growing collection. Papersmiths is one of the most beautiful stationery stores I’ve ever laid my eyes on so if you’re as office-supply-obsessed as Aslan and I are then definitely head over to their Bristol store or visit their pop up. Although I would definitely recommend going to see the shop IRL I will say that the website is just as beautiful so make sure you hop online and check that out if you can’t make it down to either of the stores. Make sure you follow Papersmiths on Instagram > here < and check out their Bristol store at 6a Boyce’s Avenue, Clifton Village, Bristol, BS8 4AA and their London pop up at Unit 7, Boxpark, 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, London, E1 6GY.


If you’re into the world of graphic design, Present & Correct is guaranteed to make all of your stationery dreams come true. Founded by two graphic designers, Present & Correct is your go-to destination for nostalgic pieces that will transport you straight back to distant (or not so distant) memories of school supplies and office knick knacks. Out of all the stores I would have to say that Present & Correct have the most varied selection of goodies on offer, with everything from rubber stamp sets and ink pads, to vintage inspired stamps and vibrant prints. I’d kind of forgotten just how MUCH I love Present & Correct, but as soon as Aslan and I stepped inside the store and shelves lined with funky erasers, chunky staplers and reems of coloured tape, I fell head over heels in stationery love all over again.

The first thing that caught my eye as soon as we made our way inside the shop was this amazing 1970’s hardboard clock. I know you guys might be thinking I’m crazy for buying this, but as soon as I saw it I was just instantly transported back to sitting cross-legged on the classroom carpet in elementary school! Anyone else getting those flashbacks too? I don’t know if it was a Canadian thing or if any of you guys will remember these clocks too, but all I know is I simply couldn’t leave the store without one! All the while that Aslan and I were in the store I just kept getting these crazy memories pop up in my head. I love that Present & Correct have so many amazing vintage stationery pieces that I totally forgot even existed!

Aslan thought I was kinda crazy when I walked out of the shop holding a big box of 15 rubber stamps…lol…but how could I resist something so beautiful!? Even if I don’t end up finding a use for this stamp set, they sure do look amazing propped up on the shelf in my office! Much like Choosing Keeping, Present & Correct have some really unique pieces in their store aside from your usual pens and pencils, which makes it a great place to pick up some really thoughtful and original gifts. My Grandma loves birds so I think I’m going to pop back to the store some time soon and pick up a set of these beautiful Bulgarian Bird Stamps for a Christmas gift. I could go crazy in this store!

What I love the most about Present & Correct is that everything within the walls of the store has been so thoughtfully curated. I mean, just look at the bag that I was given to put all my purchases in!? Make sure you follow Present & Correct on Instagram > here < to get a taste of their unique aesthetic. If you find yourself in London then definitely try your best to get your butt into the store itself, I just know you’ll have hearts in your eyes as soon as you step in the front door. Visit them at 23 Arlington Way, London, EC1R 1UY.

So those are our 3 all time favourite stationery stores in London. I don’t know about you but just looking at these pens and pencils brings me sooo much joy! If there’s any stationery addicts out there please let me know if you have any recommendations of stores I should visit to fuel my obsession! I’m always excited to visit new places and see what goodies they have on offer. Aslan and I had so much fun filming the video so we would love it if you gave it a watch. We love filming videos like this so if there’s anything else that you guys want to see from us on our #InTheWorld series then leave us a comment down below and tell us what it is!


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