Thm 2018 Feb Collective Haul B

I recently did a massive clearout of my wardrobe and wanted to create space for new garments I will enjoy wearing as I transition from Winter to Spring! So it’s no surprise that my most recent trip to the shopping mall was an exciting one, as I knew I’d be giving my wardrobe a refresh! I kept my eyes peeled for any new and trendy pieces, as well as some basics I needed!

Check out my HAUL below sharing what I bought!

Hope you enjoy, and see something you like.



ASOS Jumper {LINK} (Similar)

.:: ITEMS & LINKS ::.

ZARA Coat, Grey {LINK}
ZARA Dress, Black {LINK}
ZARA Shirt, White {LINK}
ZARA Coat, Tan {LINK}
ZARA Blouse, Multi {LINK} (..sourcing!)
ZARA Bag, Tan {LINK}

GAP Jumper, Peach {LINK} (..sourcing!)
GAP Henly Tee, Light Grey {LINK}
GAP Henly Tee, Dark Grey {LINK}
GAP Henly Tee, Navy Blue {LINK}

MANGO Heels, Mustard {LINK}
MANGO Coat, Mustard {LINK}

RIVER ISLAND Boots, Burnt Orange {LINK} (On SALE and low stock!)
RIVER ISLAND Dress, Pink {LINK} (Similar)

ASOS Boots, Tan {LINK} (Similar)
ASOS Loafers, Black {LINK}

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