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Affordable Spring/Summer Fragrances

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely  £10.72/30ml – Amazon here £40.00/100ml Anniversary edition – Superdrug here This is a perfume I seem to mention each year around spring/summer as it’s my ultimate go-to scent for when the weather warms up. Why is this? Well it’s just a beautiful and soft scent that despite it’s budget price tag […]

Givenchy One-Minute Glow Powder

I’ve been pulling a few cleansing and exfoliating bits and pieces out from “the archives” recently; products that I’ve tried before and loved, but haven’t – for one reason or another – given my full attention. For the past month or so I’ve had the One-Minute Glow Powder from Givenchy in my bathroom and I’ve been using it for a quick […]

Glossybox Review – June 2016

When it comes to beauty box reviews I’m a little hit and miss as I have so many other reviews and posts I want to write first!  However when this month’s weighty Glossybox was delivered I knew I needed to give it a review ASAP as I love everything in it and it’s just ideal […]


Winter in Stockholm feels like an eternity.  So when the babes from Tony & Guy and MyHabit wanted to do a sponsored spring post together my heart skipped a beat. All I heard was the word spring. I traded in my winter sweaters for spring styles and sunnies. I ditched my wool coat and reached for a structured […]