An Honest Benefit Badgal Bang Mascara Review

In all eight years of writing Makeup Savvy I don't think I've ever sat down to write a mascara review. I've put together mascara round-up posts sharing my favourites before, but never a single review. My reason? I believe mascara is one of those things that can look different on everyone as we all have different lash types Рfrom poker straight, to long and luscious and even ones that naturally hold a curl (i.e the lashes I'm most jealous of). 

However, Benefit has just dropped their latest mascaras in the form of BADgal BANG! and the hype has been huge, mainly due to it being their biggest individual product launch, ever! Which I guess I was a part of in some small way as I was sent the new mascara the day it launched.

Since then I've been using it as my main mascara and as I felt it may be a product a lot of people are lushing after right now so I thought I'd do a very honest and unbiased review. From sharing my likes and dislikes of every aspect of this mascara to is it worth purchasing!
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