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CURRENT BEAUTY FAVOURITES! Affiliate links are marked with a * Wanna know what products I’ve been obsessed with this month? Grab yourself a seat, pour a cup of tea and let me tell you all about them…(P.S. stay tuned at the end of the post to watch my beauty faves video!) Before I kick things […]


VALENTINES GIFT GUIDE Affiliate links are marked with a * I can’t believe it’s that time of year AGAIN but Valentines Day is almost upon us and the stores are stocked full of all-things-lurrrrrve. I’m not the biggest van of V day itself, but sometimes it’s nice to use the day to show someone that […]

My Love Returns…

It has been rather a slow start to the year, beauty-wise; I talked at length (ish) about burnouts and brain freeze last month, but I shall recap briefly for those who missed it. In very simple terms, I suppose that I reached my limit with juggling work and moving house and trying to look after […]