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This £4 Concealer Dupe Has The Internet Talking and for Good Reason

Enter the concealer of the moment!Yes, Makeup Revolution has done it again, creating another amazing 'dupe' product in the form of Conceal and Define Concealer that has whipped the internet into a frenzy. It also helps that the product it's duping, Tarte Shape Tape (£22), the best selling concealer worldwide! Available in 18 shades (7 […]

Everything You Need To Know About Glossier’s New Exfoliator Solution

For the past few years, chemical exfoliation has become a hot topic. I know I've definitely upped my game in that department, transitioning from physical exfoliators to acids based one and not looking back.  So when millennial beauty brand Glossier dropped another new product in the form of a face exfoliator and skin perfector named […]