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How I Practise Summer Self-Care

Today I thought I'd talk about something a little different – self-care. Because self-care plays a huge role in my life and has been one of the main ways I've overcome most of my anxiety problems.  But with brighter weather and longer feeling days I've realised it's easy to push self-care aside, living life that […]

We’ve Moved!

We Moved! Title say’s it all really doesn’t it? We’re finally out of our dark little flat (which I did my best to keep up the appearance that it was light and airy – and did a cracking job if I do say so myself) and have definitely upgraded somewhat. I’m currently writing this from […]

My Pampering Manicure Routine

I've come to realise that I like to 'faff' when it comes to painting my nails. It could actually be compared to the pretty iconic scene in Love Actually where the character played by Rowen Atkinson takes gift wrapping to a whole new level. In all, I've counted 8 or 9 steps in my nail […]