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MUFE Artist Rouge Creme

Blimey there are a lot of shades in the new line up of MUFE Creme lipsticks.  Beautiful rich opaque pigments, which uses a triple-grinding technology (sounds kinky!). The pigments are ground three times to ensure they are micro-fine thus enhancing the purity and light reflection.  The formula is blended with transparent oil so that only […]

The Wanderer Returns

 SANTORINI, GREECE. Well hello, it really has been a while hasn’t it? I thought a little life catch up was in order seeing as I hardly posted at all this month! This has been mainly due to the increase in uploads on YouTube – it’s so difficult to juggle both and I really salute anyone […]

O45Beauty: Belif Skincare…

Are you dry?  Like dehydrated dry?  Most winters I am like the SAHARA so I was really excited when I first tried Belif Skincare a few months back.  I had been hearing all about korean skincare for years and never got to try anything except for the things I found at H-Mart. This whole line […]

Acne Depression: Is it Real? Is it Serious?

Acne vulgaris, a common skin disorder, was proven to cause significant psychological and psychosocial repercussions in 1955. Since these findings, measures have been taken to curb and prevent those effects. These measures have been successful to some degree, but the effects that acne has on a person’s mental health are much deeper than originally thought…. […]