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Affordable Spring/Summer Fragrances

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely  £10.72/30ml – Amazon here £40.00/100ml Anniversary edition – Superdrug here This is a perfume I seem to mention each year around spring/summer as it’s my ultimate go-to scent for when the weather warms up. Why is this? Well it’s just a beautiful and soft scent that despite it’s budget price tag […]

Givenchy One-Minute Glow Powder

I’ve been pulling a few cleansing and exfoliating bits and pieces out from “the archives” recently; products that I’ve tried before and loved, but haven’t – for one reason or another – given my full attention. For the past month or so I’ve had the One-Minute Glow Powder from Givenchy in my bathroom and I’ve been using it for a quick […]

A Night at The Mondrian, London.

THE MONDRIAN, LONDON. This time last week I was preparing for a busy day of shows and shoots as part of London Fashion Week Day Three. Anya Hindmarch, Topshop Unique and Temperley invites were packed and ready to go, but the first item on the agenda was to check in to the Mondrian Hotel.  Having […]

Acne is Not Always a Fair Game for Men

As usual, when it comes to the information about the skin and hair, there just aren’t many full articles dedicated to men. Acne is just as prevalent in adolescent males as females. As adults though, more women tend to get acne than men. But that doesn’t mean men don’t suffer the same issues and heartache… […]

Glossybox Review – June 2016

When it comes to beauty box reviews I’m a little hit and miss as I have so many other reviews and posts I want to write first!  However when this month’s weighty Glossybox was delivered I knew I needed to give it a review ASAP as I love everything in it and it’s just ideal […]